The solution for cleaning

The solution for cleaning – a blind inside a window

This revolutionary product was developed by the best interior designers and architects in the field. Our Venetian blinds are built inside a window that’s suitable for any type and size of small or large window.

The shutters are manufactured in Israel, in our factory located in Ashdod. Our shutters are built inside glass and do not need any bulky external or internal rolling box.

The curtain has a delicate and elegant design that includes a minor and invisible opening and closing solutions.

Trilon is a product with a shutter inside a window that is manufactured by special order based on the dimensions of each window and it can be ordered in a wide range of colors. Trilon is also used as a sealing and shading solution against noise and helps create great acoustics.

One of the advantages of having a shutter inside a window is that it saves you the hassle from cleaning your shutters. Trilon shutters have no wear and tear because the shutter is protected inside a window and does not come into contact with air or dirt that is common with regular shutters.

How come no one’s thought of a shutter inside a window until now?

One of the first thing people look for in any apartment or place of residence is for a proper shading solution. The old solution was to hang curtains over your windows as most people don’t like to leave their windows open.

Homeowners want to have a beautifully designed and modern windows to help block out the sun’s rays and provide privacy. The need for this led to the creation of a window that already has a built-in blind or in one word – Trilon! Venetian blinds mounted inside double glass. This beautifully designed shutter can be opened or closed as needed. And best of all, there is no need to clean it because it never gets dirty!

One of the least favorite chores any homeowner or their family members hate, is cleaning dirty blinds. With a shutter inside a window, cleaning becomes a thing of the past.

Trilon, a shutter inside a window doesn’t need cleaning. It always stays clean and does its job of opening and closing faithfully and custom ordered by you.

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