About Us


Trilon shutters which are built inside glass windows is an Israeli innovation from InGlass. The company was founded in 2006 and specializes in the production, marketing, and distribution of the company’s flagship product, Venetian blinds nestled between two pieces of insulated glass.

Yitzhak Talbi, an entrepreneur, and leading expert in the field for over 40 years, is the man responsible for Trilon. Talbi recognized the need in the market for an advanced product that does not require cleaning and maintenance, with an innovative and aesthetic design that delivers an effective shading solution while being able to insulate cold, heat and noise.

Today, our company is proud of our production facilities which are thousands of meters in size, located in Ashdod. Our products are marketed in Israel and around the world and provide advanced shading solutions for private homes, luxury towers, industrial buildings, hotels and more.

Windows for peace of mind

Trilon is known for being durable over many years without failures, provides a very high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, allows for protection against noise and the elements and gives the window an aesthetic and clean appearance. Trilon unique production method is based on innovative technology and is considered one of the most advanced methods in the world.

Convenient and easy to operate

Trilon comes in a variety of colors with three different mechanisms – electric, magnetic, and powered by a battery connected to a solar panel. Trilon is made from the highest quality raw materials, without compromise, and in accordance with the strictest standards in Israel and the world. Every product that comes off our production line undergoes comprehensive and strict quality assurance tests.

Thinking ahead

Our company believes in adhering to the principles of green construction which is why we developed and manufactured systems that enable maximum energy savings. In addition, we take great care to provide an impressive finish with a luxurious look while ensuring it still benefits the environment in the best way possible.

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