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Trilon electric allows for easy rotation and lifting and can be operated by a circuit breaker, a remote control or with your smartphone.
The remote control can set up to 99 different channels that can be programmed according to your desired combination.
Trilon electric is manufactured with an air gap of 20/27 mm. Trilon is made using Venetian blinds.

Trilon Electric

Trilon magnetic goes up and down and turns around – magnetic model 1, AB1, AC.
The Trilon magnetic model is manually operated by a magnet for lifting or lowering and rotation within an air gap of 17,20,25,27 mm.
Trilon is activated by a magnet that moves within the inner glass on the right and/or left side encased into a narrow transparent profile.
Trilon lowers and raises based on the magnet going up and down.
Another option allows Trilon to rotate only via the magnet (opening and closing the shutter only).
The shutter can be rotated up to 180 degrees.
The magnetic model can be adapted to all types of windows and profiles including Kalil, Extell and Alvin.

Trilon Magnetic

Trilon’s battery operated model is powered by a rechargeable solar battery, the perfect solution for large openings without any electric outlets or source of power.
This model can be operated by a remote control, which can fit up to 9 openings.
The battery charges quickly and easily – is suitable for window up to 6 square meters and includes all types of Alovin, Kalil and Excel windows.

Trilon Battery Operated

Our materials create complete darkness.
This is a green product that allows for thermal and acoustic insulation and even effectively and economically insulates your home from heat and cold, thus reducing household expenses on hot and cold days.
Thanks to its beehive shape, the curtain is very effective in creating complete darkness in the room. That’s why we recommend installing them in the bedroom.
In addition to this, the curtain works in an economical and efficient manner, thus maintaining the aesthetics and clean lines of the window.


Anti-UV fabric curtain in a zig zag pattern.
The product is suitable for all types of windows.
The curtain allows light to enter the room in a pleasant and relaxed way and creates a natural feeling.
The fabric folds in a compact way and keeps a minimalistic and clean look in living spaces.
Can be operated electronically.
Suitable for most profile types from “Kilil”.

InGlass Plisse

TRILON – מגנטי

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