Luxury in a window

Luxury and elegance inside your window

Blinds built inside of a window, that includes a state-of-the-art shading system, which doesn’t require any maintenance or special care for one simple reason – the shading mechanism is installed inside the window itself. Trilon has succeeded in changing the perception regarding cleaning, maintenance, and shading solutions with Trilon.

Trilon blinds are built inside a window and do not require any effort or attention. Save time cleaning as the blinds are insulated and therefore do not attract any dust or get dirty over time.

A shutter inside a window – the perfect design!

Trilon has been recognized by the best interior designers and architects and has been integrated into the newest and most innovative real estate projects. Trilon provides an aesthetic solution for your home windows. In addition to providing shade, Trilon also takes up less space.

Trilon is an original product manufactured in Israel by InGlass Ltd. The shutter is built into the glass and does not need any bulky scrolling mechanism or shutter box. This makes it the ideal choice for interior designers. Trilon doesn’t require pipes and bulky boxes, rather it utilizes the maximum height of the window opening which allows it to be assimilated into a clean, modern and minimalist design.

A customizable blind inside a window

People choose the house they want to live in which also includes the windows that allow them to enjoy the views of landscape. Some houses have large windows, while others have smaller ones but either way, each house has its own unique design. Your windows require shading, because we all know at some time in the day the sun’s rays will penetrate inside. Our blinds are the perfect solution that combine shading and beauty at the same time.

Trilon blinds can be custom ordered, for any window size and in a wide variety of colors. In addition to its beautiful design, Trilon blinds create a sealing solution that provides excellent acoustics.

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