Stylish Designs for Your Home

Roughly 20 years ago, an urban construction revolution took place in Israel. As a result new settlements such as Modi’in, Reut, Maccabim, as well as several other urban settlements in the north were established.

Urban construction has completely changed the entire concept of home design. If in the past most homes were mainly located in settlements, kibbutzim and communities such as Savion and Ramat Hasharon suddenly similar construction projects began to emerge in settlements in Israel’s periphery. Many new homes needed a new interior design option that would match and adapt to their needs and would also fit the rest of their interior design.

The perfect solution for modern window designs

While newer homes were usually characterized by large windows, homeowners were looking for a new shading solution which would be practical and elegant. Trilon was developed specifically to answer this need. There is nothing like Venetian blinds on windows to provide both the right lighting, to regulate it when needed and to adapt it to the design, style, and colors of any new home.

Investing in high-quality blinds with an impressive and modern look is essential, because ultimately, it’s your home. It’s just like a company that wants to rebrand itself and therefore chooses a quality advertising agency to decide on the best look. If your home has nice views and lots of light – Trilon is the right solution!

Your home’s windows offer wonderful views of the outside, however they also allow lots of light inside. When the sun shines directly into your house, it causes it to warm up which during Israeli summers is quite noticeable and will affect the temperature inside your home. The sun’s rays can be blinding, and therefore require a high-quality and efficient shading solution. That’s why Trilon shutters which are built inside a window provide the perfect solution. 

You can order Trilon blinds for any size window you have. Choose the size of your blinds and the color which are all made with uncompromising quality.

Trilon includes a Venetian blind system built into a window made from insulated glass. The window is completely sealed off and comes in several insulating glass assemblies that include a different gap that is adapted to the size of your window opening and the operating mechanism. The profile on which the suspension is installed is adapted to the latest sizes and standards currently being used by leading companies in the field.

Your neighbors won’t be able to peek inside

Dense construction in Israel has created a reality where shutters are not only used to darken a room and stop blinding light from entering the house, but they also allow for privacy from the outside world inside the home.

People don’t want to expose their private lives to their neighbors. That’s why if you live near neighbors, Trilon provides an excellent solution for shading as well as insulation from sound.

It’s important to know! The light that penetrates through the shutters is minimal and manages to produce well-designed and pleasant lighting.

Trilon shutters are built inside a window and can fit any style of home. Choose the right color, model and material that corresponds best with your homes design.

Trilon leaves an impressive presence with its clean lines and can break rounded classic styles but also serve well in more modern designs. Trilon is just like a holiday gift, you love to see it and it always adds something new to your home.

An adjustable shading solution

Fun fact, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west however, this requires solving a problem of shading your home by being able to control the amount of shade needed depending on the time of day. When there’s lots of sun, you can adjust the blinds manually or automatically, depending on the model you choose, and when the sun goes down, you can open the blinds more.

This article was written by Trilon, blinds built inside of a window for your home.

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