Blinds for the office

Trilon is suitable for offices, companies and places people enjoy for a good time including cafes, restaurants, bars and more.

Commercial spaces should avoid having curtains made of fabric, because they can accumulate dust and dirt, therefore a blind inside a window is an excellent solution for any commercial space and has a beautiful aesthetic.

Trilon shutters conveys a sense of luxury and minimalism at the same time. The fact that it does not require cleaning is a significant advantage when it comes to maintenance of commercial spaces.

What color would you like your blinds to be?

We have a wide selection of shutter colors and operating mechanisms. Trilon comes in bold or refined colors with a manual or electric mechanism, for any size window and available in several combinations.

Before you decide, we recommend consulting either one of our professional customer service members, an interior designer, or an architect.

It’s important to remember! Your commercial space or office’s appearance reflects you and your personal taste. It is important to combine your new Trilon blinds with other design choices and items that suit your personal taste and style.

Designer Blinds for Your Office

Each office space is a reflection and a showcase for its owner. Accountants, lawyers, architects, high-tech companies – they all try to create a pleasant, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing work environment. These types of work environments can improve an employee’s mindset and performance at work.

Trilon is the perfect addition to your office’s design. Our blinds are not made of fabric, instead we use foamed polystyrene or aluminum which doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust while exuding a sense of luxury and elegance.

A prestigious office gives businesses an important advantage. Business owners want their clients to feel like they have come to a respectable, successful, and professional place of business. Your office is like your company’s calling card and your windows play an essential role in the overall aesthetic.

Do Trilon Blinds Require Maintenance?

Offices with ordinary, old-fashioned blinds will need frequent repair and regular cleaning. Neglecting them will certainly make a very bad impression on clients who come in for a meeting. A client who walks into the office and sees a torn Venetian blind thread or stuck blinds that end up blinding everyone in the room will definitely walk away with a bad impression.

Trilon, a new kind of shutter built inside a window, can help lay these concerns to rest. Our shutter is sealed inside the window, doesn’t get dirty, does not take up too much space and gives you pleasant shading at all times of the day.

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